About us

Maltinsky Management, Construction and Supervision Ltd specializes in management, supervision and construction of high quality and high-tech complexes. Our main activity focuses on the field of luxurious private construction but we also operate in every possible construction domain. We possess the ability and knowledge to perform every engineering project, which requires high professionalism, top quality, service oriented and control taken from the high-tech world.

The company is managed by two partners who complete each other's qualities and management style, which allows us to provide attractive, high quality results in a short span of time.

Doron Maltinsky – Structural engineer, registered contractor, arbiter and mediator is the manager in charge of the professional field, the specifications, contracts, time tables, conclusions and all the administrative issues.

Elad Rosenberg – well connected, with technical abilities and experience, is the Site Manager.

Punctuality, credibility, attention to details, strictness, initiative and ingenuity are only some of the company's manager's characteristics.

The goal of the company is to build its projects in the highest quality while paying attention to the set schedule and within the approved budget.

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